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«Baltik-diesel» Ltd specializes in the supply of marine and industrial equipment, spare parts, shipwide supplies since 2006. Provides services and equipment repair. The geography of the company includes not only the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries, but also the territory of the CIS and foreign countries.

The head office and main warehouse are located in the city of Kaliningrad (Russia). The company has its own offices in Hamburg (Germany), Gdynia (Poland), Moscow (Russia), which allow to quickly work with leading manufacturers and optimize the delivery of equipment to our customers.




The company "Baltic-Diesel" offers ship spare parts for the main engines and diesel generators of


  • SKL Motor GmbH   6VD26/20AL-1    — 6VD26/20AL-2 , 8VD26/20AL-1, 8VD29/24, NVD24, NVD26-2, NVD26A-2, NVD26-3, NVD26A-3, NVD36-1, NVD 36-1U, NVD 36-1A, NVD36-1AU, VD36/24, VD 26/20, NVD48-2, NVD48A-2, NVD48-2U, NVD48A-2U, 8NVD48-2, 8NVDS48-2, 8NVDS48A-2, NVD48AU.
  • Skoda (Шкода)  275, 6-27, 5A2L, 6S110, 6L110, 6S160, 6L160, 6L160PN, 6S160PN, 6L160PNS, 6S160PNS.
  • SULZER  AL25/30, AL20/24, AL25, ASL25, ASL25H, ATL25, ATL25H.
  • Барнаултрансмаш 3Д12, 3Д6, 3Д6С, 7Д12, Д12А, Д12сп, Д6, Д6С, Д6С-150, 3Д12А, 3Д12АЛ, 7Д12А-1, 3КД12Н-520, 3Д20С2, 3Д6С2, 3Д6Н-235С2, ДРА150/Я1
  • Первомайскдизельмаш 6ЧН 25/34, 8ЧН 25/34, 8ЧНП 25/34, ЧН 25/34
  • Дагдизель 8,5/11, 9,5/11,5Д2М, 5Д4, 8Д6, 8Д6А, 10Д6, ДС25, ДС25М-1, ДС32, каспий 30М, каспий-40
  • Дальдизель 6Ч 18/22, ЧН 18/22, 6Ч18/22-150, 6ЧН18/22-225, 6ЧН18/22-315, 8ЧН18/22-315, 170ZC (17/20)
  • Юждизельмаш  10,5/13, 6Ч12/14, 6ЧН12/14 , 6ЧСП12/14, К-166М1, К-171М1, К-167-2, К-167-3, К-164М1, К-169М1, К-270М1/1, К-360М, К-362М, К-364МА1, К-364МА2, К-457М1, К-461М1, К-471М1, К-562М, К-564А1, К-564А2, К-763М1, К-958М1
  • Пензадизельмаш  2ДГ50М, 2ДГ50М-ПЭЗ, Д50, Д50М 5ДГ50М, 6ДГ50М/700, 6ДГ50М, ПДГ1М
  • РУМО  Г70-883, Г74-883, Г70-735, Г74-735, Г70-662, Г74-662, Г74, ДРАГ74, ДРА450, ЧН 22/28, ЧН 32/40, ЧН 23/30, Ч 36/45
  • Звезда  ЧН 16/17, ЧН 18/20, М400, М401А, М401Б, М417, М419, М50, М753, М756, М775, ДРА210В, М503, М504, М612, М623, М640, М845
  • MAN  D2866 LXE, D2866 LE, D2876
  • МАК  М20, М25, М32
  • MTU  4R700M91, 4R700M93, 4R700M94, 6R700M92, 6R700M93, 6R700M94, MARINE: 350HP, 375HP, 400HP, 425HP, 450HP, 475HP, 535HP, 600HP, 740HP, 825HP
  • Separators of Russian and foreign production: SC-1.5, MAPX, MAB, Alfa Laval and accessories to them.
  • Ship compressors and turbochargers of Russian and foreign production: ABB BBC VTR, NAPIER, KBB, PBS TURBO, Schwitzer, 4MF, HL2 / 77, W80, EXP 2/150, HGX 34P / 380-4, PDH35, VTR 251-2N, VTR 250, С-045 (52), ЭКП, ЭК, 2ОК1, Hatlapa, Hamworthy, and accessories to them.
  • Spare parts for marine diesel engines and compressors.
    Ship engines in assembly.
  • Ship spare parts.
  • Measuring instruments: thermometers, manometers, relays, sensors.
    Pumps of Russian and foreign production and components for them.
  • Rigging and rigging equipment.
  • Fuel equipment: atomizers, nozzles, plunger pairs.
  • Filters.
  • Anchors, anchor chains: HHP type AC14, POOL T.W.

Baltik-Diesel is a distributor of Amot Controls (Great Britain) — thermoregulatory ship armature, shut-off valves, sensors, bearing condition monitoring systems, water-in-oil sensors, shut-off valves, reverse, regulating valves, shut-off valves, shipborne navigation equipment.

Spare parts for marine diesels and compressors

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